The material a Shiva lingam is made of determines the nature of its influence.  Gold is pure and auspicious.  Gold is Lakshmi.  Gold is the only metal that has no dosha.  Pandits always have at least some gold touching their skin.  By doing Rudrabishekam to a solid gold lingam daily, prosperity on all levels (wealth, health, abundance, happiness, success, etc.) is radiated to the environment and all participants.  For that reason, we are raising funds so Pandit Prasad can do the Rudrabishekam and other appropriate mantras daily in perpetuity with a solid gold lingam.  Participants will receive the benefits of this daily in that same perpetual manner.  When sufficient funds are raised every penny of your donation will go to the purchase of this solid gold lingam.  To participate, you are invited to donate $108 or multiples thereof by clicking here.

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