Your personal Ugadi Reading for the next 12 months is listed below.

To learn more about Vedic astrology and your personal Ugadi Reading please listen to “The Truth about Astrology” podcast.  To listen to the audio, please click here.  To watch the video on Facebook, please click here.  To watch the video on Twitter, please click here.

There are many factors determining your karma over the next 12 months.  The challenge of jyotish is to see what those factors are and weigh them accurately.  This is no simple task.  Pandit Prasad rigorously performs all the detailed calculations for the Ugadi values every year for each Moon Sign.  This is only one factor, but a very important factor in revealing your karma for the year.  Do note that this is only one factor and your chart must be considered as a whole by a skilled Jyotishi to be most meaningful. We do well to consider these important Ugadi values when examining our jyotish charts.  If you would like to learn more, please listen to the podcast.There are also pujas than can help remedy any negative karmas that these Ugadi numbers reveal.  To have Pandit Prasad perform the appropriate pujas to mitigate the difficulties and support the positive aspects your Ugadi reading reveals, please follow these instructions: 

1) Click here to enter the “General Donation” page of the temple website2) DONATE TO: You will be asked to choose an option. Click on “General Donation”.3)  Under AMOUNT: click on “other amount”4) A DONATION BOX WILL COME UP: enter 301.00 in the box5) In the SPECIFICS ABOUT YOUR DONATION box: write “Ugadi Puja” and enter your name, date, time and location of birth.

 Your Ugadi reading follows below.  You need to know the sign (according to jyotish) the Moon was in the time you were born to read the following chart.  If you do not know what that Moon sign is, anyone with basic jyotish knowledge could help you determine that.  The numbers on the left in the column below are the jyotish moon signs (1=Aries, 2=Taurus, etc.).  The next numbers in order are Income, Expenses, Honor, Dishonor, and Lucky Number.

1:  8,14,4,3,9

2:  2,8,7,3,6

3: 5,5,3,6,5

4: 14,2,6.6,2

5: 2,14,2,2,1

6: 5,5,5,2,5

7: 2,8,1,5,6

8:  8,14,4,5,9

9;  11,5,7,5,3

10: 14,14,3,1,8

11:  14,14,6,1,8

12: 11,5,2,4,3

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