My unedited notes for this weeks podcast:

History continues to repeat itself:  the manipulators and the manipulated.  Control of the mass mentality.  To live better, look deeper. .  Facts vs Opinion  News vs Politics/Propaganda

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The main reason corruption reigns is because people can not believe anyone can be that corrupt.

Secondary reason,

Corrupt manipulation creeps in gradually … infiltrates as if unnoticed convincing people of a bogus perspective

third reason: mass cowardice to resist

Motivation of behind the scenes manipulators:  gain power, control, money, to takeover with their new world order must destroy what is

Lenin:  the worse the better

Behind the scene manipulators manipulate front men to manipulate via blackmail, threats, or convincing/brainwashing the foolish puppet leaders

Senate committee on state affairs:  _cancelled animal testing of vaccine because animals were dying mandating it for people to keep their employment

Approved for children

banning the words ‘mother’ and ‘’father’

Fourth branch of government:

Agencies bureaus and departments  432 agencies two. nine million employees that can’t be fired  

Supreme Court: West Virginia versus EPA in a broader sense  putting a stop to people never elected running other peoples lives  

the covid virus fiasco that I spoke about as it was going on is another example   

US strategic oil reserves are going to China and India   Chicago schools passing out condoms to 5th graders.

“the liberal world order:”  

only women can get pregnant

how many lights are using Liking the Star Trek next generation   if they can conceive you men could get pregnant and people can be whatever sex they wanted to be then they can convince you of anything and they pretty much do the world is in a battle for its soul  mass hysteria     

 I was born for this song at Wimbledon:  what were you born for?  LIVE YOUR LIFE! But first know who/what you are! Requires great courage and inner strength.  Otherwise convitions and perspectives are simply born of indoctrination

I was born for this

In brazil and states:  increase gun control, increase murders over and over

the world is in a battle for its soul

       Mass hysteria

              “Shed your skin , find your life” nice quote not sure of source

       Chaos predisposes tyranny

       Wuhan virus was man-made shutting down US economy resulting in China and I’ll be in the largest economy in the world connect the dots

       Wuhan lab is now currently working on the engineering of a monkey pox virus

       Decency/ethics versus unhinged mentalities

       Fossil fuel dependency is simply the way it is… wind and solar not up to task.  New World Order ploy

       Fentanyl and drugs… how to overthrow a county 101

       Lots of bad habits in the world

Lashing out… the cost,  how to transform it

they say that the people are smart… that depends on what u mean by smart….   smart vs wise

smart means capable of connecting some dots.

Wise means capable of looking deeper

Hang in there:  the golden aage is around the corner.

“always darkest before the dawn”

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