road2011 was The Year of Change.  The world entered a time of great flux economically, socially, politically, etc.  In 2012, things will restructure in a manner that will determine the course of global dynamics for years to come. This is the beginning of a new era, just as post WW2 and post Cold War established new eras.

Change is usually accompanied by volatility and fear.  For example, the price of gold will likely fluctuate wildly as it, I feel, will continue its long-term march upward. Though change is what people want… a better life, etc, the instability it brings is often uncomfortable. Over 2012, positivity can blow the winds of global karma in the most favorable direction.

With the MMWPP, group meditations, and Sri Somesvara Temple, we will here, at Mount Soma, be a force of positivity for the world.  I intend to go to India in April to do what more I can.

You are a meditator.  Your thoughts and actions have a powerful effect on global consciousness.  Positivity is a state of physiology.  You can choose to ride the wave of change, leaning in the direction of positivity.  Do not underestimate your position and your influence.

This is the year for and of positivity.

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