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A movie based on the true story of Mt Soma

Would have to be done as science fiction because people would not believe it.

Movie would not need to embellish the truth one bit!

Incredible means ‘beyond credible’.

To witness it is to know it is real/true!

Real world reads like science fiction!

The Path of Vedic Global Tansformation.

Worlds within Chaitanya and the Laws of Nature

Mapping is so far beyond the conventrionally understood

Gravity affects time.  Atomic clock runs differently on earth than in deep space due to gravity effect.     Field equation is the umbrella between Lorenz transformations and Maxwells equations and gravity

Space is not curved

Space time is an artiical math construct used to make calculations—really there is no such thing in the physical world

big bang only works mathematically if u could divide by zero to get infinity [Chaitanya/transcendent]. assumed electrons were points with no size at all [zero].. Beyond physical….  Infinite pillar/linga of light in Puranas.  Haranyagarba shape of universe, etc. 

Truth dwells hidden within us all.  /Reaching for it…  yet echoes of truth hold truth at bay.  Field equation has been around for 100 years but wrong interpretation [divide by zero] led scientists astray for all that time.

A deeper understanding is coming out, but still not accounting for Chaitanya. it works: gravity, ‘general’ relativity, time corre vtion

From perspective of relative, Chaitanya is virtual.  But relative is virtual [Maya]…illusion.  Can not grasp the ungraspable…  can not divide by zero.

[Big bang, black holes, etc. is in Absolute, not relative]

Haranyagarba, Samyama on the Moon, Pillar of Light.

cosmic rays in space detrimental to human heath.. e.g. one year in space station lost 20 IQ points.  Trip to Mars would make astromauts vegetables unless find way to block cosmic rays.

Nuclear power is with current technology safe  [no meltdown] but still oroblem with what to do with the waste.  Probably best solution.  Dump into deep sea trenches goes all way down to aesthenosphere below earths crust. Mariana trench 7 miles deep and fills with sediments.   Never see it again.  Mix with magma.  Millions of years to resurface… ½ life expired?

Inside earth is already nuclear reactor which is why we have volcanos, moltent core, etc.  Auguste Piccard… 

religion is not the problem.  superficial superstitious understandings of religion is the problem.  Don’t throw out Baby with bathwater.

People get carried away with their hocus-pocus new age sort of interpretation of Vedic knowledge which is a highly sophisticated knowledge but they reduce it down to superstition and that is tragic

The Indian community generally speaking has seen it all and is then far more mature in its relationship with the hocus-pocus and left handed tantra.

Emotional Indulgence vs. the path of Wisdom

Echoes of truth hold truth at bay.

emotions: Indulgence vs Wisdom

Rajneesh , Maharajiji, cults

Highly educated people are still very susceptible.

Huge Sri Yantra on ground Oregon like Nacza Plains… how did it get there?

I am exasperated with what is going on in the world.  Don’t really want to keep talking about it.  But the light of awareness heals.   Here is some of it:

The good news is that it is so absurd that people are seeing past it.

The pendulum will swing

Adderall and Ritalin opioids are killing people: rate up 3000% anti-depressants all suicides up 35% big Pharma it’s all about the money

Over 200 million prescriptions per year in our country of 300 million people add to that all of the recreational drugs and it’s clear that essenttially the entire society is being drugged and then of course voting

Antidepressants mask depression : claim it is a chemical in balance which it is not as more current research admits.  But still using it. 

Tom Cruise said this years ago.  At the time for most of us that was obvious but now many ssee it at prophetic !

Even Faucy is admitting that they’re not sure what the effect is of the Covid vaccine on the female reproductive system

Current research shows that people who took the vaccine are 80% more likely to get sick of course the medical community ignores this… of the money by the money for the money

10 to 0 vote medical advisory committee said to not provide the drug for Alzheimer’s which now seems to do nothing for Alzheimer’s they did and do prescribe it anyway

Johann Hari “Lost Connections” the real cause of depression

Your emotional pain is telling you something that you really need to hear       masking it with drugs does not work

George Orwell the best way to control a society is to control its language first

Med schools spend “more time teaching pronouns that kidney disease.”

We are in recession with inflation and the governments solution” is to just redefine the terms

Big government weaponization Department of Justice, FBI, etc. to be their own political hit squad   Tulsi Gabbard

Ukraine is autocracy blacklisting dissenters even Americans

China buying up farmland cattle ranches and acreage often in close proximity to US military and nuclear bases.  Can set up monitoring and sabatoge.

China financing US college professors

“Whatever is begun in anger, ends in shame.”


Energy is strength—All batteries together can power the world for 76 seconds. 

Polution to create and power electric cars, solar, and wind energy far exceeds fossil fuel when done with current cleaner tech of USA.

False claim that unemployment is low.  Most of potential work force is not looking for job so not in unemployment statistic.

Inflation definition:  increase in money supply [printing money]

Money talks: senators are hired by China after retiring to lobby for them

California trucking compromised by new refulations in California.

California mask requirements falsifying documents

try to cross the border to USA on your own and cartel will kill you… multi billion dollar industry… highly ‘sophisticated’ business

sign in to Tic Toc and China moniters and knows everything about u every key stroke u make

OAN …. Directv and soon Fios dropping it.  Eyeing Newsmax.  Freedom of speech?

Cancel Culture:  Soviet Union,  Nazi Germany

“I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it”

State of West Virginia standing up to woke corporations like Blackrock and JP Morgan who refused to finance fossil fuel companies and their stance is also being held by a few other states…

Joe Manchin backs down allowing legislation of higher taxes and controls

FBI Political prisoners in USA…incredible.  History repeating itself

Borderless hemisphere Hillary Clinton

Merchant of death trade for basketball player caught with illegal substance in Russia. 

4000 illegals total in DC vs 7000 daily in Texas.  Suddenly /C=DC mayor wants national Guard.

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