Happiness is, for most people, more about one’s internal dynamic than a set of external circumstances.  Happiness boils down to the principle of  “relationship with….”  If you want to be happy, spend time looking at your relationship with whatever is on your mind.  Start fixing a problem first by attending to your relationship with problems.  That is not just the key to happiness, but is also the key to fixing life’s problems.  Similarly, manifesting your dreams starts with having a healthy relationship with your dreams.

Please remember that having a healthy ‘relationship with….’ does not mean talking yourself into looking at things a certain way.  That’s just denial of what you are really feeling, trying to sweep it under the rug or bury your head in the sand.  That doesn’t really work.

A “healthy relationship with…” is an exploration.  There are an infinite number of simultaneously valid though contradictory realities.  Explore them!  That exploration will free you.  Your biggest obstacle to happiness is the addiction to “mental loops.”  Mental loops are habitual mind sets.  They are habitual ways you tend to view your world and yourself.  Don’t try to override them, push them out, or talk yourself out of them.  If you do that, they will just stick with you longer and be driven deeper inside you.

I am a firm believer in exploring the reality that we are all nuts and finding the humor in it!  Don’t always strive for perfection in yourself, your life situation, or in others!  Take time to laugh at the reality that perfection is a mirage.  I also enjoy the reality that life is a series of failures!  Nothing is perfect.  I think it is absurdly funny that we all somehow inherently strive to attain the unattainable.  Life is a paradox.  That is called the cosmic joke.  If you want to be happy, start by getting the cosmic joke.  Then see how it applies to everything!  It is simultaneously profound and funny!  It comes in many forms for each and every life situation.  When you get that, your heart becomes light.  You enjoy life.  Things become simultaneously exquisite and hilarious if for no other reason than you see the silliness of clinging to a habitual world view that only makes you unhappy.  After all, that is the sort of stuff comedy is made of.  Isn’t it?

Happiness is joy is humor is delight.  It is a physiological state cultivated through the exploration of the profound yet absurdly unfathomable nature of life’s unlimited facets and the preposterous futility of clinging to any one. Such exploration frees your heart, mind and spirit.  That freedom is called happiness.  The cosmic joke is everywhere and in everything.  Start by seeing it in yourself.  Enjoy the exploration!  Funny is the flip side of profound. Explore within until you awaken to the place where funny and profound merge….., the place where all paradox finds resolution  Then you get the cosmic joke and are eternally happy.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.