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Gun Violence: the only solution

remodeling kitchen so no food service at Mt Soma for a while.

Gyan is foundation of success.  


Subtlety Within Words is Everything   Aham Vishvam   My universe is myself [Brahman Viewpoint] … vs I am the universe.  [Relative Viewpoint; Taittiriya Upanishad 3.10   Brahman Consciousness [Brahmi Chetana] in a Nutshell

Pragyanam Brahma— fully awake consciousness [knowledge] is Brahman

God’s Will Manifests through you, as you.   People think of the Light of God [God’s Will] as something outside in themselves. The Light of God emerges within people…. through their hearts through their determination through the light in their eye, through a commitment to the Purity underlying their ideals.  God’s will emerges within you, as you, as your thoughts, as your feelings….   the clearer the vessel, the fuller the expression.  God’s Will is found within you, as you.  It does not lie outside yourself but rather IS your True Self.: Atma Support of Nature flows within you.  We have only to clear the vessel.

The Gold is in your backyard, i.e. within you.

the physiology is the veda… shareer  

Why the enlightened are not easy to understand:

what is “this’?  What is “that”?  In enlightenment, what was ‘this’ becomes ‘that’ and what was ‘that’’ becomes ‘this’.  God is closer than people think.

For him who does not know being [the transcendent] what can the hymns of Veda accomplish?

what lies beyond [not born of] the mind… cosmic intelligence… foundation of natural thoughts… in harmony with nature.  


Consciousness is Brahman (Prajnanam Brahma). 

 Aitareya Upanishad 3.1.3

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”


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