treeDo you trust your superego more than yourself? Superego, of course, is that parental inner voice, the voice of authority figures in general.  It tells you who and what you are supposed to be and lays down the law of right and wrong, insisting that you abide by it, regardless of what you feel or think.

It seems like a contradiction that someone would trust a superego more than themselves.  Yet, it is most common.  After the superego, for some people, comes their attorney.  They do what their attorney says, trusting his judgment more than their own.  The list goes on: healers, psychics, jyotishis, and those with whom you are not familiar.

When you befriend someone, they become familiar.  When someone become familiar, they are often taken off their pedestal of projection, and you are then less inclined to trust them.  How odd that to trust someone often means they must keep at arm’s length.

Others may look to their spiritual teacher, turning themselves over to that guiding light in the sky.  I do my best to not tell you what to think, but instead help you think for yourself.  Admittedly, that is a slippery slope, giving you the opportunity to justify the superego, petty inclinations, etc.  But to find truth within yourself, you must learn to wisely discern for yourself.

It seems that somewhere toward the bottom of the list, people trust themselves.  Society, parents, friends, authority figures, and even critics judge you.  That sends many into a tailspin of self-doubt.  To reflect and ponder in the name of finding truth is wise.  But that is very different than allowing yourself to go into a tailspin, where the anchor of the self offers little stability.

Who do you trust?  If you trust in God, then you must find God within.  God found anywhere else is nothing more than a facet of your superego.  That which lies outside of you can be used as touchstones, but only touchstones along the path of self-discovery.

Truth lies within you as you.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.