Aboard the plane returning home from California class, I sit with the fine feelings of love and kindness that filled me over the past several days. From the moment I arrived at the SF airport on Wednesday, and throughout my visit, the nurturing support fed my soul. As I look back upon the past 25 years of the school, the major theme of the classes seemed to be the exquisite knowledge we have been given. Though the knowledge was certainly there this class, for me the theme of this visit was the kindness and love we all shared, starting the day I arrived early to enjoy the city with some of you, extending throughout the days of class, and continuing with another visit to the city on Sunday. I am renewed by the waves of love and support you gave through your presence—now received again aboard the plane as I read your kind emails, texts, and cards.

The task of bringing forth the teachings I was able to offer all these years was certainly not without its challenges, heartache, struggles, and opposition. The unavoidable realities of the mechanics of the process were a good portion of the class topics this past weekend as we all sat together and allowed ourselves to be with whatever was… reflectiveness, knowledge, fatigue, communion, commitment, and love. This class was a deeply emotional experience for me and, I believe, for all who attended. The children there, as well, were such a precious part of my week.

Taking now a year to reflect will provide the space needed to continue moving our long term plans forward, forward, always forward. A most warm and heartfelt “thank you” to all who attended the class. Your loving support nourishes my soul and will never be forgotten.

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