German media executive, Dopfner,  says that the oligopolic power of the tech and social media elite is unconstrained and unchecked.  He says that business leaders around the world are so intimidated by Google’s political and economic power that they fear to confront Google and that Google is currently an unstoppable force in the world.  The economic, political and social media giants are so powerful that they are viewed as a new sort of virtual ‘nation’ overtaking the world.  Their influence over how and what people throughout the world think is remarkable.

Clearly such a powerful force could be used for good or otherwise.  The issue is that the ones controlling those companies are the ones that determine what is good and what is not.  How all of this unfolds is, of course, yet to be seen.  But certainly the world is changing rapidly.  Global communication has reached levels never before imagined.

What lies at the depth of every individual is Divinity.  Everyone in their essence is One with all that is… infinitely harmonious, life supporting, and coherent.  It is our task to free humanity from the stresses and strains that prevent individuals from living that fullness of life.  As that emerges, the family of humanity will benefit from greater levels of communication.  Until that emerges the effects of such power is in question.

The Age of Enlightenment is emerging.  It is ours to bring it forth as quickly as possible.


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