birdsWhen Asked About Changing One’s Name, I Responded:

At times it can be wise to change ones name or title. However, it is more often wise for a person to change their circumstances and evolve their relationship with life. Yet those things are more challenging and more rare. A desire to change one’s name is often the expression of, and an attempted substitution for, a deeper longing to change one’s life… to change one’s circumstances and to evolve.

Karma is usually seen as something that affects a person from outside one’s self. It is often seen as something foreign, intangible, and abstract. Actually, it is usually far more accessible than that. It is easily seen from the outside. Yet from within it… within one’s self, it is difficult to see past.

One’s karma includes one’s relationship with life. The longings, convictions, and beliefs one holds are more often karmic than not (i.e. than dharmic).

Life’s greatest challenges are usually in moving past such karma. However, one’s karma convinces the individual that one’s greatest challenges are in fulfilling those longings, convictions, and beliefs dictated by one’s karma.

In other words, though the deepest longing of the dreamer is to awaken from the dream, it is the illusions of the dream that possess the dreamer. This is karma.

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