Advanced Techniques Phase 2

Phase 1 was so inspiring! Since immediately after the course, my mind has been on Phase 2. It is incredibly exciting. There is certainly a finesse involved in teaching these subtle, yet powerful, techniques. It required several years to find the ‘in,’ i.e., how to convey the techniques to others. Some of you may remember early attempts at the beginning such as ‘the cave,’ meditation powder, hand placements, and even the first teaching of Phase 1 to the Ashram people.

It was incredibly gratifying to see how easily, how seamlessly, everyone in Phase 1 took to the techniques. Now that the proper ‘in’ has been found (“Well begun is half done!”), I can hardly wait until Phase 2 begins! As enthusiastic as the response was to Phase 1, Phase 2 and then Phase 3 get increasingly incredible.

Though references to these techniques can be found here and there, to my knowledge, the actual method of practice is simply not available, lest it be perhaps in the Himalayas at some obscure ashram closed to but a few devoted members. I honestly believe this is the first time in recorded history that they are offered to the world. It is humbling to have found them. Discovering them is, by far, the greatest thing I, as a teacher, have ever done.

We will be offering Phase 1 again this winter at Mount Soma, so there is still an opportunity to join the group and do Phase 2 with everyone next summer. It is not certain when and how the techniques will be offered again. This first Phase 1-3 series will be the one that has my utmost attention.

These techniques not only make meditation extremely powerful and profound, but also fun and fascinating. I hope those of you who did not have the opportunity to take Phase 1 already, will be able to join us this winter and continue on with the group through the adventures of Phase 2 and 3. The Kingdom of Heaven does indeed dwell within. Take the journey!

Mount Soma View

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  1. Thank you for sharing these techniques with us.
    Meditation for me now is fascinating and something I look forward to twice a day.
    I have no doubt that this practice leads us to a potential yet unimaginable !

  2. Pearl,
    Thank you for your comment. You are right. There is NO LIMIT to where these techniques lead. Unbounded… Unfathomable… Incredible… Infinite…
    Each Phase is an exponential leap forward…

  3. I’ve really enjoyed having the ATs. I started to experience meditation in a new way, right away. It was a clear and definite shift. They have been powerful for me. It seems like I get even more healing benefits from meditation now, as though something has been catalyzed. It also just refreshed my whole meditation practice and reinvigorated it. I hope everyone who missed the summer class gets to take the winter class, because they have been fun and rich. I love the fact that I can easily use them for the rest of my life!

  4. Sometime in the next week or two I hope to have an online live chat with those who attended the AT course to answer any questions, etc.