Unedited notes:

No-thingness to Thingness and Back 

cycles of time, falling empires, the saw tooth.

No-thingness is not nothing… far from it.

Elon Musk wonders if we have a soul

the level that dominated your attention overtakes you

you can justify anything with the intellect and people do

You don’t have a choice as to whether or not you worship.  You only have a choice as too what you worship.  attributed to David Foster Wallace

specious:  “a specious argument”  superficiallplausible, but actually wrong.  “a specious argument”

e.g eating bugs …. overriding intuition with intellect example… little kids see what they can ge the youngest to do

Female crash dummies

Philosophy, in so many cases, is a disassociated perspective, which is essentially ridiculous e.g. the evil deceiver

93 trillion dollar green deal bill…. how would you like it if i told you to must personally borrow a billion dollars to go green?

Lockdowns, border, vaccine, etc. etc.

 Humanities challenge, “don’t bother me with the facts. My mind is made up.”

God filling your heart: deepest meaning 

Why do you think it is called “Artificial” Intelligence

The two minds: Intuition feelings, emotions reason, thought in the intellect essential knowledge.

Artificial intelligence morality, the soul natural law, what Elon Musk doesn’t know

“intuitively  obvious”… a phrase from mathematics.  

the link between intellect and feeling… intuition, reason

Trusting your Gut Versus the emperor has no clothes

an over emphasis on one level of the mind…why people are neurotic and even crazy

disintegration of link between thoughts and depth of the soul

firstly, what the soul is must be understood.

human history is about making rules to live by before understanding what life really is…. what existence really is.

Superficial self-esteem

intuition, gut feeling, reasoning, intellect

18,000 cows died in fire… food processing plant fires etc. all over the country… people wondering why..

AI and the crossbow short story when 9 years old

no drop of love is ever wasted  MMY

Who was it that said we have become a nation of whiners I believe it was perhaps Senator John McCain

social fabric

what you think matters little,   how you feel about those thoughts makes all the difference      

What you feel is what you really believe but these days we have lost the ability to accurately feel what is really there

e.g. when i taught hands on healing… the art of palpation…

Get people to dissociate from their gut feelings.    That can be systematically accomplished.    Start with masks for example and continue with the series of issues like transgender etc.

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