homeI have come to realize that when people hear me say, “All cards face up on the table” they think something is coming that they may not want to hear. That is not what I mean. “All cards face up on the table” means communion… that is to say, communication. It can be done in words or in an understanding, humble glance.

Life is all about communication…
Communication with your Self
Communication with Life…
with Nature…
with all Existence…
Communication with others.

All conflict arises from lack of communion… lack of communication.
We are all Divine.
Not seeing, hearing, feeling that in yourself,
and in others,
is the source of all disharmony.

To have “All cards face up on the table” means to communicate…
first with Self, then with others.

It is called the Art of Living.
It is the final frontier to unraveling the mystery of life… of existence.
It is found through wisdom.
Wisdom is found in humility.
Humility is not subservient… it is understanding.
Standing under… not standing over.

As it is said, when the mango tree is full of fruit, its branches naturally bow down and touch the earth in humility.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.