Alma DeutscherVideo #1 – About Alma Deutscher

Video #2 – Watch a Prodigy Create – from Four Notes in a Hat

I imagine that many people who watch these videos about Alma Deutscher will impulsively jump to the idea that she is the reincarnation of Mozart or some other great composer and musician. I have to admit that I’m in that camp. I think that some people may also go to a place where they feel bad about themselves for not having any such great talent. Of course, we all marvel over her great abilities.

In the past, I’ve spoken of how we share the one same humanity. Such uniquely talented individuals stand as a celebration of the grandeur of what it means to be human. They are shining representatives of the greatness of the humanity that we are all a part of. To say it another way, there is one great humanity and we all are that. Prodigies are an expression of the grandeur of our shared humanity.

Be they a musician, athlete, scientist, or genius in any other form, they inspire us to look forward to the future to see how they progress and what other flowers emerge in the garden of life, the garden of humanity that we are unified through. There is but one unified field, one Self.

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