this weeks unedited notes:

The “physics” of Is-ness: Transforming the “Dark Ages”

first day of waxing moon is called “no moon” day.  not a day to start new projects but good to worship ancestors, etc.    then the next two days are “new moon” days.  the second “new moon” day is auspicious and good day to start new things: Shiva Moon

political motivations are often very different than that of the voters

Is-ness = Consciousness…the only thing that is… isn’t a ‘thing’

Agama Shastra “cell phone to Heaven”…  entry… invite Gods to enter..  there is an Agama Shastra for each deity,  

yantra: all actions of havan create a ‘machine’, a yantra, 

mantra: emergence of deity between yantra and tantra of havan 

tantra [2 meanings one for humans e.g. meditation, one for gods receiving influence of the havan]

fish bowl effect:  kali yuga:  we are all swimming around in the same fishbowl.  who is not affected?

“The greatest chapters in history always begin with risk, and the same is true with the chapters of your life.”

risking nothing is a great risk.  everything is a risk.  nothing ventured, nothing gained. we are always traversing the unknowable. risk is the nature of the unknown.   the only true knowing is knowing you know nothing

futility of debate:  to talk another out of their feelings is to impose denial… better to help them explore what they are feeling,  The light of awareness is the true healer.

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