My unedited notes from the past week:

No Thing is Not Nothing

The Establishment vs Ageless Wisdom, Rebellion vs Evolution

Working Title:  The Churning of the Ocean and The Upcoming Enlightened Age

‘the only true knowing…’

nothing vs. ‘no thing’

pure consciousness = isness = consciousness before it is

conscious of a ‘thing’… the illusion of ‘other… maya

Big Bang video:  last 2 minutes James Youtube video: 

Webb Telescope’s Discovery of Galaxies That Shatters the Big Bang Theory

working title:  what is happening to us all?

      Not about Democrat versus Republican but rather about the establishment versus those who oppose it

gas prices down because depleting strategic  oil reserves… frightening.

      are we all going crazy?  has the world gone mad?

      i have begun grinding 1 or 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds daily and adding to oatmeal.

      The thing that is important is the thing that is not seen

      antoine de saint-exupery

      Defund FBI bumper sticker made me chuckle.

’The man who hears a different drum a-drummin’”  Thoreau

Yin creates yang.. ‘round and ‘round.. racism goes full circle… affirmative action or racism?

      ‘i supposed that memory must be the devil’  claire outlander…

working title:   the ancient secret of past lives lives… why we can’t remember

      Star chamber—vigilante in government.. Henry viii

      Tulsi Gabbard

Entrenched unelected Washington bureaucracy

      Referred to as the “swamp”

      Stochastic terrorism—vogue on both sides of most debates

      Career bureaucrats

      Status quo establishment… Mitch McConnell

      Motivation is perhaps the most difficult thing to understand with respect other people as well as ourselves

      Why do people do the things they do?

      Entrenched unelected bureaucracy,  some call it deep state, swamp, Big government, status quo, Career bureaucrats, gravy train, Selfish interest conglomerate…. Call it what you will but when someone like a tick is enjoying the benefits of the establishment as is it can become their primary focus to keep it going in the name of money power or self protection

      This becomes an inpenetrable Conglomerate that permeates all levels and branches of government and society

Epidemic:  e.g. big bang, world is flat, etc.


      According to Epoc Times FBI authored the request for a search warrant

            Ukraine nuclear power plant gas and oil for Europe Moscow chaos China and Russia working together total mess

      Famine nuclear holocaust energy crisis mess

      Strategic oil reserve 1/3 depleted

      70% of weaponry and funds to Ukraine from US never make it there

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