Life’s Remarkable Essence: A to Am


temple “Updates&Reflections” tab

remodeling kitchen so no food service at Mt Soma for a while.

have outgrown previous accommodations so will upgrade/remodel


intellectual understanding and experience: one feeds other, two feet to walk on

the story of A:  A-A-A-A-A

for example, knowing essence of music, or math, or any field.

it is in the physiology, not the words

‘Know that one thing by which all else is known’

structure of veda

samhita value,,, essential understanding

swaras structure explained, prakritis, paraprakritis, 10 mandalas structure explained

Agni, AK, ‘smaller than the smallest, bigger than the biggest’

Samhita:   like perfect unified team [maybe think like a perfect football team]

getting the point

through unmanifestation and manifestation, all knowledge is known

Lri:  seed of material existence

Gyan shakti and Kriya shakti

A I U Ri Lri E O Am

 Rishi, Devata, Chandas

“The battles that count aren’t the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself … that’s where it’s at.”

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