Animals Blog - Michael MamasOver the past years, I have noticed that my appreciation of animals has deepened. It’s not that I have learned anything new, per say, about animals. It’s just that my feeling for their role, their place, in nature has grown stronger.

I’ve always known that every animal species has its role in nature, completely congruent with its seed form place within the unified field, the Veda. This is difficult to put into words because it’s not a thought, it’s a feeling. I sense it, feel it, and see it ever more clearly.

We have two concrete lions at Mount Soma. Even their presence touches me and others deeply. Of course, here at Mount Soma, we have bobcats, turkeys, various snakes, turtles, deer, and an occasional bear. It is as if they are all part of a unified whole, a divine concert that all seamlessly merges into one full and exquisite song of life.

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