bird flowerYou know how athletes get mocked for praying to God for help to win a sports competition? Everything has a personified aspect, which is the deeper more meaningful value. When you think of another person, you do not think of them as a machine built of organs, tissues, and flesh. You think of the being… the personified aspect. That is the true meaning of the person. For example, the personified aspect of a beautiful meadow in the early morning mist is a Goddess or Deva of that meadow. Every city has a Deva. Every football team has a team ‘spirit’… a Deva. Every thing, has a corresponding deva, soul, personified essence. That is what gives it meaning. When Einstein was asked if a sunset could be explained in terms of pure physics he said that it could, but if it were, it would lose its meaning.

Now, of course, everything is the unified field. That is just physics. Viewed from the personified perspective, the more meaningful perspective, everything is God. So when an athlete is praying to God for help to win a ballgame, that prayer goes to, or through, the ‘spirit’ of the team, or city, or country they represent. Two opposing teams could each pray to God that they defeat the other. There is no contradiction there. Your team ‘spirit’ and the opposing teams ‘spirit’ are real and essential part of the competition. A healthy relationship with them is essential.

It is normal and natural to feel that. However, limited thinking (that sees it as a contradiction or that knows of no scientific proof that such things have a personified value) has simply sterilized the lives and thinking of many people. It is a matter of innocence… not naivety, but innocence. Naivety is based upon oblivion. Innocence is rooted in purity of soul. To be innocent is to perceive accurately the nature of life and of all things. Innocence is not the denial of rationality. That is oblivion. Innocence is the integration of rationality with unbiased, uncompromised, direct experience. If you were only innocent, you would perceive the Gods, Devas, and Spirits that surround you and orchestrate the entire symphony of life. I am not speaking of emotionality here. I am speaking of clear and direct perception. I am speaking of a life that is capable of observing what is… and then living that. The alternative is to decide what you think life is, and forcing your experiences to conform to that. Science is great, but a limited understanding of it will limit your life.

Yes, there is such a thing as personification on all levels of life. Yes there is such a thing as team ‘spirit’. How remarkable that blinders can be so domineering that life is not seen for what it is. That is a pet peeve of mine. But then again, to be free of that limitation is discovered along the highly elusive path of evolution. There is great beauty in the subtlety that veils the mysteries of life. So maybe ‘pet peeve’ is not the right choice of words.

The way of this world is exquisite.

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