starsA Galaxy is a Cosmic Chakra.  Chakras are marmas.  Acupuncture points are marmas. A marma is a convergence point of energy the acts as an intersection, switch board, and power station for the body.

The universe is a cosmic body.  The universe is composed of an infinite number of such marmas on many, many different scales.  Black holes are marmas.  Even water spinning down a drain is a marma of sorts.

The sun is a marma.  Energy converges upon that point.  Marmas are the nodes that hold the lattice structure together and give it structure.

Just look at a picture of a galaxy.  It looks like what it is.  It is a chakra.  Everything maps. Everything is interconnected.  To heal one thing is to heal everything.  Some small shift happens everywhere when a shift occurs anywhere.

When you look at the moon, do you see a sliver in the sky?  Or do you see a ball with a light shining on it?

To see ‘what is’ requires one and only one thing: Simple Innocence.

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