Are You Special?I received the following question:

I am embarrassed to say that with regard to “God” I think I have some sort of “chosen” status. I can best express the Vanity of it by saying I feel like I have some special inside track. I suspect it comes from my Irish Catholic family background where I was strongly encouraged to become a priest, a special vocation for special young men specifically chosen by GOD, and I bought into that belief system. This fallacy distracts me from my efforts to evolve even while I know it’s some ego game. Any suggestions to help me move beyond this? Thank you.

To which I respond:

Yes indeed.  You do have a special connection with God.  You are one with God.  You feel that specialness deep within.  Good for you for acknowledging, even embracing, that!  It is not a bad thing.  It is a great thing.

How beautiful that everyone has the specialness!  What an exquisite universe!  The place people get confused is that they do not understand this.  “How can everyone be special,” they may ask.  Or they may try to affirm specialness on the surface of life, on an egotistical level.  That is just confusion around the deep nature of life.

It is said that all are created equal.  This is a profound statement of the depth.  We are all one with the Unified Field, the source of all that is… God.  See?  People mess that notion up when they think it means we are all equal on the surface.  That is self-evidently not so.  How remarkable that people, in their confusion, try to make it so! Honestly, some of us are more artistically inclined than others.  Some are more intelligent.  Some are just naturally better dancers.  We are like flowers… diverse, like roses vs. daisies vs. orchids.  Yet each is rooted in and born of and one with the same one Mother Earth.

So hold on to the sense of your specialness, your divinity.  It is 100% valid and it is most precious.  How beautiful that you do know and have always known it, and no one could ever convince you otherwise. Embarrassed by that?  Absolutely not!

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