carBelieve in what is.  Anything else is denial.

Even if you want to change things, to be most effective you must start with what is.

Strive to discover what is.  Even feeling what is really in your heart and going with it can be most challenging and elusive.  It is often not so easy to do.  Go whereever it leads.

Believing what you choose to believe (what you are afraid to not believe, what you are told to believe, what you feel you should believe, or even simply what is familiar to believe) and projecting it on to the world is common.

Seeing what is actually there within you and before you for what it truly is… that is rare.

This applies to everything from the most mundane to the most profound.  Believing what you want to believe instead of what is… that is the stuff magic tricks are made of.

It is what prevents you from inheriting your birthright… liberation.  It is what shrouds your true nature.  It is what keeps the world spinning ’round.  It is Maya.

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