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Lately, at the beginning of some of my meditations, I have felt tense or nervous and I don’t quite understand what I’m feeling. Thoughts race through my mind.  I think maybe I’m “thinking” too much.

You recommend meditating for twenty minutes but sometimes it takes me twenty minutes to just “settle down”.  Sometimes focusing on my breathing for a couple of minutes helps.

Someone told me it was my ego resisting letting go.

I have read about focusing on breathing during meditation.  What do you say?


Do the meditation as taught.  Do not change it in any way.  Intentionally focusing on breathing will compromise it.  The purpose of meditation is to purify stress out of the body.  You are experiencing stress release.  That is a good thing.  Be sure you are taking 5 minutes to come out slowly.  Lying down is best if it is practical to do so.

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