positivityLet’s go through the upcoming year remembering it is The Year of Positivity.

From time to time, take a step back and review the tone with which you frame things.  Remember the blog about two dots (facts) and how you connect the dots of your life within your heart and mind?  Attitude is a habit.  This is the year to establish the healthy habit of positivity.  Connect the dots of your world in a positive manner.

This is not to encourage oblivion.  Not at all.  It is to see with eyes wide open, constructively wide open.  I am talking about culturing a state of physiology.  An acid stomach is upset by nearly everything that is consumed.  The same is true of the heart and mind.  It is just that simple.  How do you digest life?  Did you know that Soma (the nectar of life) is the product of healthy digestion?  Health is cultivated.  A positive approach is a healthy approach.  It’s just that simple.

Everyone wants to be happy.  Happiness comes from inside, not outside.  It is a mentality.  It is a state of physiology. Happiness is the state of spontaneously connecting the dots of your life in a constructive manner.   It is cultivated through a positive attitude toward life.  Happiness is not a belief system.  It is not a set of circumstances.  It is a state of physiology cultivated largely by how you connect the dots of your life.  Your mind is powerful.

As my father used to say,  “Count your blessings.”   Is the cup of your life half empty or half full?  The best way to fill your cup is through a positive approach.  How do you spontaneously frame things in your heart and mind?  This is not to be explored as a way of grading yourself. It is an invitation to embrace and live a healthy, rather than an unhealthy, life.  Create that healthy habit.  It is something cultivated through inspiration, not self-judgment.  Inspire yourself to aspire to the greatness of positivity.  The lotus flower rises out of the muddy swamp.

The color of your glasses determines the color with which you paint all of your life experiences.  You create your world in the form of how you perceive it.  Perception is a habit.  Meditation is your most powerful tool for evolution.  However, clinging to old unconstructive habits is a drag on the process.   Let’s create a beautiful world in 2012, the Year of Positivity.

It is in this context that I wish you all a very HAPPY New Year!!!!



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