Cats, by Michael MamasWe get a fair number of stray cats around our house. Some of them are incredibly peaceful and affectionate. So it’s very easy to be kind with them and try to find out if they have a home nearby. In some cases, when they end up living under our porch for a number of months and it is clear they don’t have a place to live, Judi often finds them a good home.

There’s a whole spectrum of behavior among these cats, ranging from very tame and affectionate to completely wild and unapproachable. If you do happen to accidentally corner one of the wilder ones, they are all claws and fangs.

It saddens me to see how these cats seal their own fate based upon their behavior. You wish you could just let the wild ones know to calm down—everything’s fine. They are creating their own problems. Of course, you can’t do that.

Humans are strikingly the same way. We create our own heaven or hell, determined by our relationship with the world.

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