Christmas is a Feeling by Michael Mamas

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When it comes right down to it, thoughts and even emotions matter little. How you feel deep inside about things is what really matters. Unfortunately, we can easily tie ourselves up in knots with our thoughts and agitated emotions. Deeper inside things are more clear, fine, and simple. Thoughts and emotions are like choppy waves on the surface of the ocean. The finer feelings are in the depth, unaffected by the waves.

Getting caught up in whether or not there was a virgin birth or contradictory beliefs of different denominations can be like choppy waves on the ocean surface. Feeling the deeper meaning of Christmas is what matters. I believe we can all agree that what Christ represents is wonderful, beautiful, exquisite, and the essence of Christmas. And that is something we can all celebrate. At least during this time of year, let’s all keep our attention on that. The nature of our feelings feed our soul. We just posted a SlideShare slideshow called “Christmas is a Feeling” that I think everyone will enjoy. My wife, Tanja, did the pictures and they are really wonderful.

Enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!

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