circlesI remember as a kid being inspired by a short essay Emerson wrote about circles. Every culture is a circle with a high and low end. Every religion is a circle. Every ethnic group is a circle… even every individual. There is no end to circles. Even the horizon goes around 360 degrees to form a circle.

All too often when generalizing about people, focus is placed upon the low end of the circle, as if that defines the entire individual or group.  Implying this is demeaning, damaging and misleading.

Why not focus on the high end of every circle, but not blindly focused.  That would be called denial.  But lean in the direction of moving every individual, subculture, culture, nation, and all of humanity forward in the direction of the high end of the circle.  This is called evolution.  Proper discernment is of course, as with all things, essential.

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