Climbing the Mountain

When you climb a mountain, commitment and dedication are required. You need to stay one-pointedly focused on the goal, with a ‘steady hand on the rudder’. In fact, when people ask me what more they can do for their evolution, I almost always respond by saying, “‘Keep a steady hand on the rudder’ through time.”

The thing about climbing a mountain is that it’s easy to slip. Once you slip, momentum can take over until you slide, tumble, and fall all the way to the bottom. That’s called Karma. As I’ve always said, most of your Karma is between your ears and in your heart (i.e., your emotions). So, in a nutshell, to evolve, stay on the path. If you catch yourself slipping, regroup and continue the journey to the top.

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  1. Great pic.

    Lord Narayana awaits you at the top. We all slip or fall from time to time. No fault in that. What matters is that you catch yourself, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and then continue the journey on your path to the top of the mountain.

    We are most fortune that the path is clear. Yet staying on the path can at times be as challenging as passing through the eye of the needle… as fine as the razors edge. Just stay with it… Do not get distracted. Do not lose sight of it. Forward, forward, forward! Capture the fort at the top, and the mountain of existence is yours…

  2. Great reminder, thanks!

  3. I love this. Thank you. Such a good reminder.

  4. Everywhere I turn there are things that challenge me. It is hard to stay focused on my spiritual journey with all the distractions. At the same time how can I abandon a path that has changed my life?

  5. Yes, we have all seen over time how difficult it is to keep going up that mountain. There are always challenges and reasons to shift our focus in another direction. And sometimes that mountain just seems to keep going forever… But all we can do is keep on going… Only one direction to go…