faceThoughts matter little. How you feel about those thoughts makes all the difference.
Knowledge is accessed through feeling, not thought.
Wise thoughts are the product of refined feelings… i.e. the process of reasoning.
Reasoning is the link between thoughts and feelings that lie deeper within than thought.

The process is called discernment. Distortions from past impressions (samskaras) can interfere with the process of discernment on any level: for example, emotional bias, intellectual indoctrination, etc.

Common sense means sensing the level that is common to all that is… sensing the transcendental level and forming your thoughts based upon that sensing… that feeling.

As that sensing becomes even more refined, it transcends common sense and becomes wisdom.
Wisdom is further refined through the very finest level of feeling to find its basis in the transcendent…
the one thing that is the basis of all things…
Pure Knowledge…
the source of all knowledge…
the source of all that is.

The sequence goes from the Transcendent
to the finest feeling level
to the wisdom level
to the common sense level
to the reasoning level
to the level of concrete thoughts.

Enlightenment means integration (harmonization) of all levels of your being. The winds of life (karma) may blow the branches in all directions, yet they remain in harmony with the trunk and root of life… firmly established in the Transcendent.

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