dogGreat minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.  – Eleanor Roosevelt

Between facts and concepts, concepts (ideas) are closer to Truth.  Truth is unbounded, without edge.  Facts melt into the deeper and broader arena of concepts, which melt into the deepest and broadest field of the Absolute… Oneness…Pure Consciousness… Pure Isness…Truth.

As facts rest and dissolve into concepts, and concepts rest and dissolve into Isness, all levels of life become seamlessly interconnected, like the branches of a tree grounded to the trunk and then to the earth. Integration of life emerges.  When the connection is weak, the mind becomes small and ungrounded, like tumble weed. A slight breeze then carries the mind adrift. Anything can then be justified by the intellect.  That is called a life of karma… of bondage to the surface.

Awaken to the depth, more and more live life from that level, and become great. That is called freedom, emancipation, enlightenment.

Your relationship with anything and everything is determined by your level of consciousness. Tumble weed can and does argue as it will with the mighty oak. Within the world of the weed, it is the tree that is seen to be tumbling while the weed remains steadfast. From the perspective within the speeding train, one looks out and sees the trees flying by, while the train is experienced as the solid, stable reference frame.

Your level of consciousness consumes and defines your entire world.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.