“Fear or Stupidity has always been the basis of most human actions.”  – Albert Einstein

Failure does not come from falling down.  Failure comes from not getting back up.”  –Anonymous


 Many failures are not acknowledged as failures, but instead are viewed through the eyes of denial… “Oh, that wasn’t for me anyway” or “Oh, I’m glad I finally found something better than that.”  Such denial is the most common form of “not getting back up.”

It requires strength, courage and self-respect to acknowledge failure as just another failure, and to then get back up and try, try again.  Fear and stupidity masked as strength, courage, and self-respect are by far the more common basis of human action than are true strength, courage, and self-respect.

Yet when I view people, I see the depth within them as them.  That depth – who they realize themselves to be once they see beyond the surface – is an infinite reservoir of strength, courage, self-respect and all great things.

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