carI was asked to blog on the following topics:

  1. Helplessness
  2. Cultivating Passion in constricted environments
  3. Compatibility in any / all relationships

Can you see the underlying common denominator to this list?  Can you ‘connect the dots’?  Why would one person ask about these three things?  Are they separate issues… unrelated topics?  No, they are not.

The points/questions all relate back to the same one thing.  Fatigue.  However, this is not the type of fatigue created by a lack of sleep over a number of years.  A hundred years of sleep would not alleviate this sort of fatigue.  A deeper rest is needed.  That rest comes from deep meditation and a healthy lifestyle.  One aspect of that lifestyle would be a healthy internal environment with respect to how you think… how you relate to your own thoughts and emotions.

We all have infinite energy within us.  You can use it to build a healthy life.  You can also use it to tear yourself apart.  To tear yourself apart is, needless to say, self abusive and exhausting.  If that is your habit, then you look out at the world and say it is abusive and exhausting.  As is the inside, so the outside is perceived.

So I say again… what is needed here is deep rest.  That is attained through proper meditation and a healthy (internal and external) lifestyle.


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