Deep within your beingWhat does it mean to go deeply within your being? It’s a place far beyond thoughts and emotions. It’s like the silent depth of the ocean—quiet and still. The deepest place you are capable of functioning from is probably not the deepest place it is humanly possible to function from.

Oftentimes, feeling deeply is confused with feeling intensely.

Emotions can be quite intense. The depth of your being is eternally silent and calm. It is called the finest feeling level. But ‘feeling’ in this sense of the word is not an emotion. It’s not even a physical sensation. It’s like the sound that remains in the room after the ring of a bell dissipates into silence. It is a physiological state of pure Is-ness—not a thought, not an attitude, and not a mood. The sound of one hand clapping. No-thingness. Finer than the finest, pure emptiness, yet completely full with eternal unbounded being.



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