old houseIf you feel that God is far away, it is only because your definition of God is inaccurate.  God is here, now, with you.  But ‘definition’ is more than a thought.  It is something you feel in your heart.  As you evolve your consciousness changes, thereby changing your definitions of everything.

Clinging to your old definitions is a drag on your evolution.  Emancipation means freedom, means moving beyond where you currently are.  Change does not happen without flexibility.  Boundaries will be broken as you evolve.  You must do what you think is right, but you must also think rightly.

Keeping a steady hand on the rudder, move forward.  That means move, but move wisely.  Think, ponder, reflect… cultivate discernment.  Infinite flexibility, yet with a steady hand.

The teachings of the ancients must be revered, but your understanding of those teachings must evolve.  Infinitely rigid, one pointed, committed, reverent, undeterred, yet at the same time, infinitely flexible… like the flowing branches of a tree anchored in the trunk of Eternal Truth.

Life is a paradox.  Redefine everything for yourself… for your Self.  The words may not change, but their meaning will.  Truth is subtle.  It cannot be grasped with words.

Do not let your definitions bind you.  Be reverent, free, respectful, strong, humble, and bold.  In the final analysis, obedience and independence are the same thing.


© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.