WaterSomeone once said to his Guru, “I love you so much and feel like I would do anything you asked of me. But what if you told me to go jump off a bridge? Should I obey?”

The Guru simply responded by saying, “You know me by my teachings.”

Someone once asked one of my students if my school is a cult. The student responded by saying, “In a cult you are taught what to think. D. Mamas teaches you how to think for yourself.”

I say again that enlightenment is called “liberation” for a reason. You become free. Such questions as the one asked here of the Guru may appear to be rooted in the students allegiance to freedom. Actually, they are a statement of bondage to the fear of the loss of what is actually a false sense of freedom.

The Guru lights the light that illuminates the way. As one becomes increasingly free through the Guru’s teachings, one chooses of ones own free will the path that leads to greater emancipation, joy, peace, and fulfillment.

You are one with God, To find God within and live your life in accord with His will is not to lose your free will. It is to discover that His will and your true free will are one. Life in accord with Natural Law is a life of total freedom.
Just as each wave in the ocean rises and settles with its own unique timing, enlightened individuals act independently. Yet every wave rises and settles in total harmony with the underlying depth of the ocean. The Guru awakens you from your dream, and introduces you to the depth of your being. Simple.

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