plantsIf you are enjoying my blogs, please make it a point to read the comments.  I often add my own comments in response to them.  It is sometimes a lively interchange with those who choose to participate.  I welcome you to join in or just monitor the interactions.

Recently, I added this response in comments to the Devotion blog:

My devotion along the path was to knowledge… to truth. I was not the least bit biased or vested in what I found… how it looked… or where I had to go to find it. My pursuit was for understanding… not over-standing. “I” was completely secondary to “Truth.” What I found left me in total awe. In that moment “I” ceased to exist, though it took time rest with it. That is to say it required a period of time for me to adjust. In fact, it is fair to say that there are not really levels of enlightenment… there are just levels of getting accustomed to it once it is gained.

When it first happened, I had to reconstruct everything I thought I knew. Everything changed. My “spiritual knowledge” was turned upside down and inside out. And that was after much study of spiritual books and the teachings of masters.

In a talk I gave yesterday at a meditation retreat here at Mount Soma, I went further into the discussion.  I will ask the Mount Soma staff to make that recording available and post here in comments how you can receive it.

Tomorrow (Sunday, May 20, 2012) I will be going to Carey, NC, to address a group at an international conference on Vedic studies and culture.  If possible, we will make a recording available.

Also, I am thinking to make live video of my lectures available on the internet.  We will look into the practical aspects of making that happen.

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