blue birdAll of the confusion, superstition and distortions around the notion of God have lead people to deny the existence of God.  I do not believe in the distortions, superstitions and confused notions either.

Do you believe in science?  Science tells us there is a unified field… one thing out of which all things are born and all things are in their essence.  Just assign the name “God” to that one thing.  Then, if you do not believe in God, you do not believe in science.  Of course, the scientific understanding of the unified field is still in its infancy.  As you deepen your understanding of that Unified Field, you will deepen your understanding of God.  As a physics and math major in undergraduate school, the son of an electrical engineer, and the brother of a PhD in physics, what I discovered in my rational approach to that understanding opened me to remarkable realizations.

To the rationalists out there, I do not ask you to abandon your rationality.  I ask you to use it to investigate that rational sequence for yourself.  It may well test your own affinity to dogma, though you may currently not think of it as dogma.

Perhaps you prefer to not even consider this.  The choice is yours but the potential is enormous.

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