treesWell, the easy answer to that question would be a simple good feeling, “Yes.”  And that is true and all should be well and good to just leave it at that.  But it is not enough.  Even more than that, it is misleading.  Why?  Because it implies, at least to me, some sort of emotional stupor you should feel as you experience God’s love for you.  Also, because it holds God as other… at a distance… or at least a little separate from you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The natural state of life is to have an ongoing inner sense of… what… how to say it…. peace? solidity? profundity?  fullness?  resonance? coherence?  None of those words express it properly.  You and God are one.  Before you can really feel ‘God’s love for you’, you must first embody that state.  But knowing that is not a concept or an idea to cling to.  It is certainly not an emotion or attitude.  When the physiology (I mean here the greater physiology… not just the physical) ‘clicks into’ that state, your consciousness awakens to it.  Not as a thought but as a permanent state of being.  You do not think about it… it just is.  Just as you do not think about your arms all day long… they just are.

But this wakefulness is not just inside you.  You see it in everything.  It just is… there, there, and there… everywhere, always.  You can call it God’s love if you like.  But really, love implies some sort of separation, does it not?  To love something, you in some sense or another, hold it apart from yourself so you can adore it.  When the two merge, it is something other than (or a least a very different) love.  Perhaps it is best to say that both are there simultaneously… You are one with God, and God is ‘other’ both at the same time.  When God is only experienced as other, it is in a sense belittling of YOU.  That is how many relate to the notion of God loving you.

Awaken to the Knowing that you and God are one.  It is not just philosophy or spirituality. It includes the science of how the universe is constructed.  It is just the way things are.

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