Most allegiances are not determined by a fair evaluation but rather by familiarity and impulsive loyalty.  This includes not only spiritual convictions but also personal and political points of view.  Blind allegiances to friends, spouses, groups, and philosophies rule most individuals.  Unfortunately, the most common exceptions are the impulsively militant crusader and the rebellious teen.

Though clearly the case, it still amazes me how biased people are.  No matter what the specific issue, republicans across the board consistently defend the Republican Party line views as do the Democrats.  The other day I asked someone what they thought about all the scandals plaguing the current administration.  They responded that they have not been watching the news and so they knew nothing about it.  In the very same breath they gave their opinion about the validity of the claims.  No knowledge… just opinion.

That seems to be how most people function. They have already chosen a side, which dictates their perspective.  To live better you must be able and willing to look deeper.  The process is called discernment.  It is the path of evolution.  It is most precious.  It is most rare.

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