Fine Art FlowerWhat does it mean to be reflective?  Is it simply natural for everyone?  Is it spontaneous?  Or is it an art form?  Are there obstacles to being truly reflective?  Sometimes I think my favorite part of Easter is the movies shown on television.  Currently, I am watching Barabbas.  So many thoughts are evoked:  How little people have changed through the ages.  How rigidly people hold to the worldview they were born into.  How self-righteously they judge all else accordingly.  How certain they are of their perspective of what Jesus taught, of who He was, of who He is.  How resistant they are to taking a deeper look at his words. How they mold his words to conform to their current worldview.

Let the word of this day be ‘humility’.   If I were to tell you that you do not know everything, you would quickly agree.  But do you live your life that way?  The opposite of humility is judgment.  Replace your judgment with discernment.  Know that a major component of discernment is humility.  Look beyond your horizon. Look your worldview directly in the eyes. Take a step back from it. Question it.  Dare to see its limitations. Have the courage to not call your judgment by the name discernment.

In a word, consider that the essence of the teachings of Jesus is ‘freedom’. Freedom from what?  Freedom from a limited and confined worldview.  You have only to look beyond your current worldview.  Yet those who believe they do so adhere to their newfound notions and judge accordingly.

Freedom through humility is the message of Easter.  Yet it is not a philosophy or perspective.  It is a state of physiology… a state of being.  It cannot be taken on as a new set of clothes.  As the centuries go by, humanity rearranges the same old furniture and calls it evolution. Yet the state of the psyche, the state of the psychophysiology, remains unchanged.  Real freedom and humility is attained through true evolution.  Aspire to that.  Think big.  You have the potential to unlock the deepest teaching of Jesus.  But it is not a simplistic task.  I implore you to look beyond your current horizon.  It has the potential to reveal what has been called the Kingdom of Heaven.

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