girlEmotion, Moon, and Music…

Intellect, Mercury, and Mathematics…

These are two sides of the same one coin.  There is math in music and there is music in math.

What we think of as intelligence is more superficial than emotion.  Yet the ‘intelligence’ underlying all existence, underlying emotions, wells up through the emotional level to give intelligence as we generally think of it. Reason is the junction between emotion and the more superficial intellect.

Healthy emotions are founded upon the human instrument staying in tune.  This is a physiological quality that must be cultured.  You can not expect a person to always stay in emotional balance, any more easily than you can expect a musical instrument to always stay in tune.  However, a good indicator of emotional health is how quickly a person is able to come back in to balance.

You must culture your emotional physiology, just as you would condition your muscles to be healthy and strong.  Otherwise, you will emotionally spin out when pressure is imposed.  It is easy to be in balance when there is no pressure.

When you do go out of balance, do not view it as a flaw.  View it as inspiration to culture your emotional physiology.

The greatest tool for this is proper meditation.  Then comes discernment.

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