mannequinThis post is in response to a comment posted on my precious blog…

I would love to find an ayurvedic doctor that I could recommend. However, for one reason or another (some reasons may be no fault of their own) I can not recommend one.

So many people are reputed to be enlightened masters, but they are not. Please be careful whom you assume to be enlightened or not.

Speaking of auyrveda, there is a technique to identify level of consciousness via the pulse. After taking the pulse of many thousands of the most well-known ‘enlightened masters’ in the world, as well as tens of thousands of others, one ayurvedic doctor found only five enlightened individuals.

The spiritual arena is terribly confused… not only in the West, but globally. We need to clear all that up, though I do understand that in so doing we step on toes. All we can do is our best, but our best of course means to adhere to what we know is true.

Regarding health and enlightenment, there are certain aspects of the physiology that ‘open’ when one attains enlightenment. The ‘angle of entry’ is important.  If they physiology is not properly prepared, it may not be ready for the energy of enlightenment and damage can result.  In most instances there is at least an adjustment period.  In some cases, that can be years.  The techniques I offer allow a natural, healthy awakening.  Certainly once open, enlightenment feeds the entire physiology with health. However, other factors are at work.  Some enlightened individual need glasses. Enlightened masters usually age, etc. etc.

The best lesson to gain here is a big one: look and see what actually IS and refine your understanding of life accordingly. All too often, people cling to an understanding and reject what does not align with it. There is no learning there.

So, well done. You observed, and as a result, you refined your understanding.That is rarer than one may think!

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