BEACHI received the following question:

I recently was talking to a friend who told me he knew of a man who claimed to know the secret of eternal life.  I am confused as to what eternal life really is.  Would you be so kind as to give me his perspective on the true meaning of eternal life?

To which I respond:

In essence, everything, everyone is the unified field, which is eternal.  So in essence, everyone has eternal life.  The key is awakening to that level of your being.

Many claim to have the secret of that.  Very few do.  It is not just a technique or a science.  It is also an art. The art of working with others to facilitate their enlightenment. Many claim to be enlightened.  Very few are.

Eternal life of the physical body is another matter.  It is indeed possible.  The question is, even if you could, why would you aspire to it?  What is the motivation? In other words, “Why are you here… really?”

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