Everything is Like Everything Else - Michael Mamas BlogIt is really very simple. Look at trees. Look at water flowing down a mountain stream. Look at anything and everything. The same principles apply. Everything parallels. The same laws of nature are at work on different levels and to varying degrees everywhere. Manifestation of the universe, a breath in and out, the sun rising and setting, trees producing acorns producing trees, what goes up must come down. Everything is, in essence, the same one thing. I am that. You are that. All of this is nothing but that. It’s all the same.

Those principles are well established and fixed, like the notes of a music scale. However, notes are bent, flowed through quickly or held, played loud or softly. Music is infinitely fixed, yet infinitely flexible. So is life. So is existence. Music can be analyzed scientifically, but the meaning is in the music. The meaning is in the feeling. Feelings lie deeper than thoughts. Essence lies deeper than feelings. Feelings reach out to essence. Yet the path home can be quite curved. It’s all the same.

If you start at the surface and try to fathom the depth, you get lost in the complex web of life, charmed by the melody of the magical flute. Yet the web, the music, emerged from something quite simple. If you start at the depth and follow the blossoming to the surface, everything is under-stood.

Awaken to the depth of life. The surface all points in that direction, but you must listen. You must get the message. And at some point, like an acorn falling from the tree, you will finally let go and return home.

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