It is commonly known that issues, traits and beliefs are passed on from parent to child through the generations. This is of course true for the simple reason that we are taught those attitudes while growing up.

What may not be so commonly known is that a great deal, perhaps the majority of such issues and traits, are the result of the tone, feeling, or energy of the mother while pregnant and while holding the child in the early preverbal stages. This induces a tonal quality into the child’s psyche and cells of the child’s body. In that way, the child grows into adult relationships and beliefs that mimic those of the mother, or primary care giver.

Then in adult life, the individual recreates those relationships with spouse and friends. For that reason, the life one creates for themselves offers a powerful gateway to understanding what was going on in the mother’s life and psyche in those very early years. Also, understanding what was going on in those early years sheds light on how and why we created the lives we did. One reason why children of the same mother may be very different emotionally and psychologically can be because the life and psychological state of the mother was different when each of her children was born.

As we evolve and work through our issues, these conditionings and biases are overcome, or at least our relationship with them becomes healthier as we see them as if more and more from a distance as opposed to being consumed by them.

Family Karma - Michael Mamas

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