flyingI was asked the following question:

When and how can I lose the fear of death? Lately, the thought that death may be “the end,” and not the beginning of a different awareness or a new lifetime has repeatedly surfaced in my mind, bringing a moment of fear or even terror. Does it take full enlightenment to truly rest into the knowing that life continues after death?

To which I reply:

As one awakens to the transcendental reality of their being, one comes to sense more and more clearly that they are not the body… and what they truly are is eternal. The fear of death then subsides. Others may cling to the notion of eternal life and find some limited relief of the fear in that manner.

However, there is often some misunderstanding around this. When it is said that the enlightened have no fear, it is in reference to the depth of their being, to which they are fully awake… that level is fearlessness.

However, on the personality level, fear is normal and natural. Though not commonly understood, the full range of human emotions exists on the personality level for the enlightened. However, they are simultaneously awake to what lies deeper. The kite of life then has a tail. Without that tail, people spin in fear as well as all the other emotions. They then cling to beliefs, faith, philosophies, etc. for stability and strength. I compare that to floating on the ocean of being with an rubber duck to keep you afloat. Once enlightened, you know how to swim. The rubber ducks then may still have their charm, but are no longer clung to for security, self esteem, etc.

For the time being, meditate to awaken more and more fully to the Self. Also, a rubber duck is fine. Belief, faith, philosophy, trust in God, etc. then serve a purpose, though they are like training wheels on a bicycle. In time, they are no longer needed for yourself… because you Know the Truth of life by direct experience. You may use the rubber ducks however, to assist others along their path.

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