on a trainDo you feel unappreciated? Or maybe you would say it another way? Not Seen? Misunderstood? Taken advantage of? Walked all over? Judged unfairly?

Do not feel alone. Essentially everyone feels that way… at least from time to time.  Perhaps you would pick a different term than the ones listed here. What term do you relate to most?

Let’s first take a step back and take a look at the anatomy of this. What is really going on here? Everyone can feel that place deep inside where they are precious. Some would say where they are one with God or their inner Divinity. Even atheists feel that place within them. They would just name it differently. You live from that place. Your life revolves around it. Even thieves, liars, and all other unscrupulous people are acting from that place, though the dance they do around it can be quite distorted and confused. Everything you do is done to support it, nurture it, feed it, bring it forth, share it, show it, manifest it, express it, live it.  How frustrating, hurtful, insulting, enraging, humiliating, depressing, offense, painful, disheartening, etc. it can feel when others do not seem to see it or acknowledge it. From one perspective, you could say that this world is filled with people who feel unappreciated. You may think that some are exempt. For example, some famous people are showered with appreciation all day long. The Dali Lama and the Pope are worshipped all day long. Yet in a sense, that makes it even worse for them. Famous people often feel so misunderstood… so not seen for who they really are… so projected on to as having a life that is not what their life is in reality.

So what do you do about this? How do you live with it? We just took the first step and that is to understand it. You are Divine, but others just can’t or don’t seem to see it. In fact, they are caught up in trying to express their own Divinity. The essence of this problem is the same as the essence of every other problem in life… looking to the surface for satisfaction and fulfillment instead of looking to the depth of your being. Rest in the depth. That is where you find peace, fulfillment, satisfaction and Grace. Then act from there.

When your cup is full, it naturally overflows. When it is not full, it desperately longs to be filled. Filling your cup is not an attitude – it is a state of being. When living that level of life, you still have the full range of human emotions. You can still feel unappreciated, hurt, sad, and taken advantage of at times. However, the under-standing is there… not just an intellectual understanding, but a standing-under the churning ocean of wanting… just as the depth of the ocean remains quiet and peaceful beneath the waves of even the harshest storm.  That is what it means to be wise. Wisdom means understanding. Rest upon you wisdom.

To live better, you must look deeper.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.