pathDeep inside, you already know everything.  Yet, it is shrouded by your conditioning.

You are conditioned, programmed, to believe a certain way and in certain things. Those conditioned impressions are called Samskaras. Though samskaras overshadow the Divine depth of your being, they do not entirely block your connection with it.  You still sense it.  When you hear truth, it resonates with that depth. Yet however erroneous, the surface (the samskaras) are what you habitually return to, and cling to, for a belief system, safety, familiarity, and comfort.  Samkaras are like that old tattered coat, though aged and worn there is just something about it that keeps you coming back.

Life goes on.  Truth, time and again, presents itself, resonates with your depth, is aspired to, and then abandoned once again, in the name of that old tattered coat called samskara.  With dedication, through reflection, self-honesty, meditation, and the hard knocks of life… slowly, slowly you move in the direction of truth.  Yet the path is seldom a straight line.  It winds, turns, curves back on it self, freezes, slips, slides, entices, seduces, distracts, is rejected, doubted, feared, loved… on and on. The Guru is there always.  Yet the Guru, as the embodiment of that path, is also loved, resented, aspired to, drawn to, feared, hated, rejected, longed for… on and on.

But you keep going.  Just as all water necessarily returns to the ocean, in time you overcome your overshadowing samskaras to rest in the depth of your being to become unshakably established in that.  Until that tipping point is reached, your allegiance remains to the surface.  Truth is just a faint cry from the distance at first, hidden away in a deep, dark, pathless jungle. Evade as you may, it is undeniable in its steadfast presence and haunting allure.  The Guru is there always, holding up the beacon that lights the way.  While your samskaras are in control, the Guru can be experienced as an annoyance… a thorn in your side.  And the rationalizations then abound.  After all… he is just a man, right?

He knows full well that, in time, you will awaken to your Truth… the Universal Truth… the Divine that underlies, birthed, and eternally upholds all of life, no matter where you journey, what you choose to believe, or how you are feeling.  Like gravity, the Grace of the Guru is eternally present.  And in time, you will find Him at the heart of your own being… within you, as you.  For in reality, he does not exist on the surface.  He is the embodiment of the depth.  The One, Universal, Eternal You, Me, all that is.

You will find that One Truth within yourself, just as surely as every drop of rain, in time, returns to the ocean.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.