karthikeyaWhen people criticize Romney for out sourcing money and jobs, I wonder why he seems unable to say the following:

“You guys, you politicians, (democrats and republicans alike) create such ridiculous laws.  You make it so anyone with any common sense can see that it just makes financial sense to hire workers in other countries and buy goods from those countries.  Then you expect Americans to make the poor financial move of putting our money in the US so you can take it and spend it on your political cronyism in hopelessly inefficient government programs because we are supposed to be blindly allegiant to you!  All the while, even you yourselves are buying foreign and out-sourcing.  Even the CEO of General Electric, and head of President Obama’s Jobs Council is moving jobs and economic infrastructure to China at an alarming rate!!  All the while, GE is paying essentially no taxes!!  If you want the US to prosper, pass laws that make sense!  If I am elected president, that is exactly what I will do.

If this was the only outrageous issue, it may be somewhat tolerable, but government is permeated with such foolishness.  For example, first they (with Barney Frank playing lead) pressured banks to make bad loans to people who could not afford them.  Then they went after banks for having done so!  If we keep up like this, I can imagine them, sometime in the future, prosecuting corporate CEOs who did not out source to other countries… claiming they sabotaged the company with incompetent financial decisions.”

So what place does this blog have on this website?  There is an important point here for everyone.   People need the backbone (Karthikeya mantra?) to get up and say what they believe… directly and clearly.  You have to be able to say what you need to say. Some never do for fear of being too forceful.  Some just lack conviction, being riddled with self-doubt.  Some become confrontational when anticipating that another may respond poorly.  Some do so with such anger that they only make an enemy.

You would do well to ask yourself what keeps you from speaking up.  What keeps you from doing so in an effective manner?  Know that you can effectively say whatever you must.  First your heart must be in the right place.   Then, through exploration and reflection, you can, you must, find a way to say what must be said. Develop the art of speaking up in the most life-supporting manner possible.

It is an art that you must cultivate, lest life’s opportunities will pass you by.  Over time your skill will develop as you find your own unique style that works best in your relationships.  But do not wait.  Start now.  Do it!

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